A Textile Mother and Baby Squirrel Sculpture. 

Oonagh is enjoying a peaceful moment with her little rascal Oisin, Oisin loves to be off climbing trees with all his wee friends, he doesn’t often sit still and his cuddles become more and more precious to Oonagh with every passing day

(Seventies printed linens, Seersucker tablecloth, Kaffe Fasset cotton, Velvet, Upholstery fabric and Obi silk) 

Oonagh and Oisin both have black glass eyes and textile-wrapped copper fingers and toes, their tails are wired, stuffed and wrapped with frayed seersucker tablecloth. Oonagh sits on a vintage wicker sewing basket, on top of an oval mahogany wooden display base. This sculpture measures 32cm tall (including the stand) and approximately 25 cm wide (including Oonaghs tail) This sculpture is not a toy and is not intended to be used by children.